Thai Lottery Final Tips 16 March 2019 For Claiming The Prize

Thailand is famous for the Thai government lottery. Many people participate and buy the lottery to win the heavy cash. Some people play the Thai charity lottery and donate to the charity home all the cash they win from the lottery. People who won the Thai lottery usually don’t know how to claim the prize and how to get the cheque to cash it. if you have won the lottery and then it’s important to check the Thai lottery final tips to claim your prize.

The Thai lottery company print millions of tickets each year. Mainly they print five tickets of the same number but, sometimes they also print six tickets so that there are more chances to win the lottery.

thai lottery final tips 16 december 2018

thai lottery final tips 16 dec 2018

From where to claim a prize?

Lottery company has various vendors throughout the country who have tickets. They sell the lottery to the people. you can claim your prize to the vendor. You can claim to him if the prize is of B20,000 or less than this value.

In case if the prize is more than B20,000 then the winner can claim his prize to the head office of Thai office located at Nonthaburi RD at Muang District. There you will receive your check. It is important to check the GLO office in your area and claim your prize money. Visit the office at standard official timings to get the form. You have to tell the officer about the ticket as well as its number before getting the form. Take NIC with you so that you can get the form easily.

Procedure to claim the prize

As soon as you see your name in the newspaper, you must confirm it. you can use Thai lottery final tips paper to check as well as confirm your number in it. here you can get the Thai Lottery Final Tips as well as the confirmation of your winning the lottery. To claim your prize, you have to fill the form. Fill all the fields present in the form. It is important to write an authentic information. Take a queue number to proceed for next step, once you complete this procedure you will get the cheque.

When your name will be called you have to show your ticket as well as an ID card. In case if you are foreigner then you have to show the passport to claim your prize as well as to receive the cheque. Once you receive the cheque you have to keep in mind you have to pay 0.5% stamp duty. People who win the lottery have to pay the duty as per government rules.

Visit website

To get the detail information about the claim of prize you can visit the official site of GLO. Here you get the detail about claiming as well as get Thai lottery tips 2019 prize amount as well as dates. It is good to claim the prize as soon as possible otherwise fake people can claim the prize and at the end, you may get nothing.

Updated: March 13, 2019 — 10:40 pm

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